Executive Board

Providence PCC 2021 Board

Standing (l-r): Natalie Isabella, Jonathan Clark, James Bourque, Charles (Chuck) Narciso Jr., Michael Lombardi, James Clark
Seated (l-r): Carol Osso, Donna Machala, Kimberley Waltz, Christine Barry, Jeanne Jackson
Not pictured: Amy Andrews, Karen Edington, Tara-lyn Flanagan, James Mazzatto

Christine Barry, Westport Properties

James Bourque, US Postal Service

Jonathan Clark, JLS Mailing Services

Karen Edington, US Postal Service

Natalie Isabella, US Postal Service, PCC Secretary

Jeanne Jackson, US Postal Service, Postal Co-Chair

James Mazzatto, Bell & Howell, Treasurer

James Clark, JLS Mailing Services

Michael Lombardi, State of RI, Industry Co-Chair

Kerry Cimaglia, US Postal Service, PCC Administrator

Charles Narciso, Jr., US Postal Service

Carol Osso, The Allied Group

Tara-lyn Flanagan, Signature Printing

Kimberley Waltz, Cathedral Corporation, Industry Vice Chair